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High Chicago or Low Chicago?

Have you been wondering if what are the different variations of Chicago poker? Do you want to clearly understand the meaning of high Chicago or low Chicago in the poker game? You need to keep in mind that Chicago poker is a variation of Seven Card Stud and it actually has two different ways to play it. The player with the best hands in Chicago and as well as the player with either the lowest or highest spade card will also win. Here are some of the important instructions you should keep in mind when playing high Chicago or low Chicago:

1. Deal Two Cards Face Down And One Card Face Up

When you are already playing Chicago, remember that your first move should be dealing two cards face down and one card face up to each and every place in the table. You should have a betting round and you need to start it with the player who has the lowest face-up card.

2. Offer Each Player Another Face Up Card

Playing high Chicago or low Chicago is actually easy if you will offer each play another face up card during the game. Right after dealing the card, the next thing you need to do is have a betting round. However, this time around the betting should start with showing the best hand. The best two-card combination among the face-up cards is actually the best showing hand.

3. Determine The Winners

After playing the game, the last thing you need to do is to determine the winners. Remember that half of the pot will go to the player who can successfully assemble the best five card hand together with the seven cards. The player who has the highest spade card will get half of the pot if it’s high Chicago and the player with the lowest spade card if it’s low Chicago.

These are some of the important information you should know regarding high Chicago or low Chicago. Don’t be confused and just learn more information about the game so that you will really win your deserving price. Good luck!

Montana Poker – Follow The Queen

Have you been wondering how could you possibly enjoy playing poker games inside your own home if you don’t have any clue or any ideas at all? Don’t worry too much because you can definitely bring home the fun and excitement that you can get from casinos in your own sweet home. If you’re looking for a great poker game that you can enjoy in your own place, then you should start learning how to play follow the queen. It’s indeed one great game that you can certainly enjoy with your friends and your family.

Follow the queen is one of the many poker games that have a variation of Seven Card Stud. This kind of game is popularly played in homes rather than in professional games or even in casinos. Queens are mostly wild so it’s really important that you know each and every move of the card that should follow the Queen.

You can try to research all over the web about this game and how can you easily play it. If you will do your research you will surely find different strategies and techniques about playing the game. It’s always recommended that you research for more information especially if you don’t have any idea about the game at all. Don’t worry too much because the internet will definitely help you learn more information about it.

Follow the Queen should be a fun and exciting game to play so it’s really a must that you also know the rules when playing it. You wouldn’t want chaos in your house when you’re all playing and you don’t agree on the rules right? You can do some good research about this and you will surely find the answers all over the internet.

Know more information about how to play follow the Queen and as well as its different rules so that when you already learned the different important things you should know, you will really enjoy this fun game with your loved ones at home. Good luck and enjoy!